29 apr. 2010

Oh la la la chaleur

On dirait que je ne fais plus que des pique-niques, mais mes chérs amis, je ne vous laisserai pas croire une telle chose! Hier je suis allée au théâtre l'Essaïon dans le Marais pour voir un ancien collègue de la période quand je travaillais avec le théâtre national en Suède. C'était intéressant de le voir jouer encore, même si le passé simple m'a perturbé un peu. Et aujour'dhui j'ai eu un entretien pour un travail en temps partiel et j'ai fais des courses et un peu du shopping...Bon bréf, enfin c'est plus sympa de montrer des photos d'un parc que quand je fais mes courses... Et une chose importante, je dois répeter mes scènes à moi et mes monlogues pour notre pièce en mi-juin.

* Man skulle kunna tro att jag inte gör något annat än pick-nickar, men det är ju inte sant. Igår var jag exempelvis på teater i Marais och tittade på en gammal kollega till mig som jag jobbade med under turnén med Riksteatern för snart två år sedan. Jag måste ju också börja träna på mina egna repliker inför vårt uppspel om en och en halv månad! Ihhh!  

28 apr. 2010

Belleville pue un peu

Belleville j'adore votre quartier, les gens, les cafés, les marchés- j'aimerais y habiter un beau jour - mais pourquoi est-ce que votre sation de metro pue toujours autant?

27 apr. 2010

Dire adieu

To say goodbye and to resign from a job is never easy, but I guess that's normal, it shows that you care. I gave my 2 weeks notice to the restaurant today. Feels like a relief, but I'm glad I worked there, I think it's made me stronger in a way. People can be so rude in the restuarantbusiness, I needed that, I can not get angry or show people when I am... Anyway, I didn't think I was going to stay there for this long. But hey, now awaits two more months of Paris (and Sweden) then I'm off to Barceloona with Annina! 

* Och ni vet alla mina svenska kompisar som har tänkt komma hit, kom nu, det är redan vår här. Och då menar jag riktigt varm vår, med väder för klänningar, pick-nickar och solning i parken! Komsi  komsi!

(FYI I did NOT give my notice by telephone)

Sunday-picknick aux Buttes Chaumont

This sunday in the park Buttes Chaumont. Today I'm working two shifts first at the rest and then in la boutique, come and say hi!

24 apr. 2010

Come over to the window my little darling

Hej hej, idag är jag lite seg var på trevlig pasta-middag igår hemma hos Lisa i Montmartre sedan så gick vi till Bus Palladium eller Palladium Bus, jag minns inte vilket. Nu ska jag gå ut i den fina solen som Paris bjuder på idag, tänk er va, 22°C och SOLSOLSOLSOLSOLSOLSOLSOLSOLSOLSOLSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLL!!!!!! Hehe. Trevlig helg.
*It's warm and sunny today, weather for dresses and sandals, but oh I don't have any here, left all my summerclothes/shoes in Sweden, a good reson for me to out shopping! Bisousbisous

23 apr. 2010

Neuilly Sur Seine

In Neuilly Sur Seine they have tulips planted along the streets. Sympa

22 apr. 2010

Le diner simple

Jag gjorde en pasta bolognaise qui tue idag och Elinor fick bli mitt fina sällskap!


Jag kommer hem till Sverige i maj för ett par veckor! Vem vill ses? 
* I'm going home to Sweden in may! Yay!

21 apr. 2010

Vous êtes anglaise?

Today at work:

-Vous avez un petit accent mademoiselle.
 -Oui, c'est correct- vous avez raison. 
- ...Vous êtes anglaise
- Eh non, ce petit accent viens de Suède
-Aahhhh DE SUÈDE!!! (happy face)
-Eh, oui... (huh?)
-Je croyais que vous étiez anglaise...

Apparently my accent sounds like when a british person's speaking french. Interesting I must say, after 2 courses of phonetics at La Sorbonne this is what you get out of it... 

Bon Iver

17 apr. 2010

A friday

Getting ready to go out and coffee-break at work with financiers yesterday. I don't know what to write for the moment, I'm feeling a bit stressed out with all applications that I have to do for the universities! But I've been promised help from friends with my motivation letter, so that should do it.. And plus I've been working like crazy this week, so I'm kind of tired... Today I'm not working wich is nice... A toute mes biquettes!

Au boulout

13 apr. 2010

Festivals and swedish summer

Arvika -07
Roskilde -07, mud, mud and mud!
Roskilde -07 again. It's raining during The Killers concert!
Arvika -08
I miss going on festivals! There was a time when I did it every year, I either went there as a visitor or worked. Mostly I worked. I put up a play together with friends or organized different stages. Me and my friends went to the PBS (party back stage) and danced all night long and flirted with all the artists we came over. I kind of miss it a little... Maybe not sleeping in tents and waking up hungover in a wet sleeping-bag... But the long swedish summernights, when it's bright all night, and the music and all the friends gathered at one place, happy dancing all night long... Those were the days! 

12 apr. 2010

Fête des chauds lapin

This is the rabbit I found at the easter-egg-hunt on Vanessa's birthdayparty a week ago... Nam nam... The theme for the party was "Chaud lapin", wich apparently means sexmachine, sort of... Well anyway I had a very nice evening! P.S. J'ai piqué la photo de Chloé puisque mon téléphone n'a pas de flash, merci! Now I'm off to la laverie, lovely monday-occupation!

8 apr. 2010

Bonne nuit Paris

The sunset from my window a couple of days ago, when it wasn't raining...Well, anyway! Goodnight  you guys, having a nice evening, I'm going for un verre and then straight home and to bed.

La cafétière parfaite - The perfect coffeemaker

I'm looking for my perfect cafétière. I got one from my old coloc David as a goodbye-gift. The coffee is deilicious but it only makes one small expresso cup, and I need a big cup of coffee in the morning to be able to really wake up. I love the italian ones. So I've been looking around a little bit and this one seems to correspond perfectly to my needs (and it's red!). So as soon as I get my second pay for this month, I'll go to BHV and buy it, 25€ paff

Le Danger

The danger by missing the last metro that goes all the way home and having to go off at the one before and on the way home passing a Quick restaurant and a MacDo... Next time I'll make sure I'll don't miss the metro...  (David, t'inquiète, je recommencerai demain par aller à la piscine;)

6 apr. 2010

Karin Crona

I wanted to tell you that the new photos on my blog are taken by Karin Crona, a swedish photographer and a friend of mine that lives here in Paris. I recently helped her with one of her new projects; her contribution to a competition that SFR is organizing: La Ligne Bleue. Registrate and vote for her on this address. If you want to have a look on more of her photos, voilà her flickr.


Longfriday and swedish easterdinner chez moi. On a mangé du hareng et des oeufs avec "kaviar", trés trés bon! Merci les filles! We were 7 happy suédoises, and Louise of course, ma britannique!  I'll give you a picture of the swedish delights, since my only photo of the girls is trop flou. Allez, now I'm gonna see if I can find a swimming-pool in the 17th arr... Exciting... A plus!


Hej hej allihopa. Dålig uppdatering senaste veckan, je sais... Har helt enkelt varit väldigt upptagen. Jag och syrran har turistat, ätit ute, pick-nickat (iskallt) och druckit x antal vin på fina barer... Nu har hon åkt och det är ensamt! 
*Bad updates latley, je sais, but I've been very busy last week... Pic-nic in Buttes Chaumont, checking in Monet, Cezanne, Pisarro and Van Gogh at Musée d'Orsay, frenchy dinner at Chartier, coffe and whine by Canal Saint Martin, vintage-shopping in Le Marais, walking in Jardin des Tuileries, drinks at Chez Jeanette, oh what week! 

1 apr. 2010

Royal breakfast

Även om det det då och då känns som att priset för att leva i Paris är oerhört dyrt, i jämförelse med det man får ut så måste man ändå lyxa till det ibland . Och speciellt när man har finbesök, så idag gick jag och köpte croissants på Eric Kayser!
* Royal breakfast with croissants from Eric Kayser, my local bakery. Nice.