18 juli 2014

Pardon my french / the art to tutoyer and vouvoyer

This constant question. When do you say vous to somebody and when do you say tu? As a Swedish girl with the habit of saying "tu" to everyone I meet, no matter age, social position what kind of relationship you have to the person in front of you, this was quite difficult to understand in the beginning. So I just went on and said "vous" to everyone who's wasn't my age or "an equal" (that is, colleagues who are older, classmates etc). Now I say "tu" as soon as someone else does the same, and I only "vouvoie" when I'm in very official situation. But my rule is; when someone is saying "tu" to me, I do the same. If it's not le président de la Republique that is... Here you can read more about it and do a little test if you're about to move to France and want to have a little deeper understanding. 

12 juli 2014

58 questions

1. selfie since I don't have a smartphone, here's one from my webie.
2. what would you name your future kids? I don't know? I think I'll have to decide that with my future partner. But when I was little I LOVED Natacha.
3. do you miss anyone?  I miss my family!
4. what are you looking forward to? This fall. Vacation. Getting a new apartment (Hopefully). 
5. is there anyone who can always make you smile? Puppies! 
6. is it hard for you to get over someone? It depends on who I have to get over, but normally yes of course if there was a lot of feelings involved. I'm no ice woman- no matter what people may think.  
7. what was your life like last year? It was good. Mellow, nothing less, nothing more. A year of stabilization but also new experiences and getting things together…
8. have you ever cried because you were so annoyed? annoyed I don’t know…
9. who did you last see in person? Frida! 
10. are you good at hiding your feelings? I think I'm quite transparent, but can be a very good actress in real life as well...
11. are you listening to music right now? Yes! Karen Dalton.
12. what is something you want right now? New apartment!  
13. how do you feel right now? Normal.
14. when was the last time someone of the opposite sex hugged you? Yesterday.
15. personality description independent, straightforward and happy!
16. have you ever wanted to tell someone something but you didn’t? Maaaany times.
17. opinion on insecurities ???
18. do you miss how things were a year ago? No I think they are better now, life just gets better and better. 
19. have you ever been to New York?  No, BUT SOON.
20. what is your favourite song at the moment? This one: 
21. age and birthday? 25, october 22d.
22. description of my current crush? haa. Too private.
23. fear(s) I have a strong fear of getting older and to grow old alone.
24. height  176cm
25. role model All Swedish strong feminist women who are not stopping the fight and keep on going no matter how much shit they have to take! My both parents :)
26. idol(s)  Isn’t that something you have when you’re like 10?
27. things i hate when people sneeze or cough in their hands! They never go and wash their hands after!
28. i’ll love you if… you make me laugh, you're spontaneous, have some kind of charisma going on and not afraid to meet new people
29. favourite film(s) I love many films but I recently saw Howard Hawks’ Bringing up Baby and I love it! Otherwise everything from Xavier Dolan and Christophe Honoré.
30. favourite tv show(s) friends, satc, girls, The walking dead, himym, OITNB
31. 3 random facts I'm a 8th part french and an 8th part British, I had a gap between my incisives up until the age of 14, I have a collection of blazers in my wardrobe, I had to sell some but throughout the years I think I had about 30 different…
32. are your friends mainly girls or guys?  girls. guys are good for other stuff…
33. something you want to learn better Photoshop, better in taking photos, better italian and spanish!
34. most embarrassing moment a lot of them! I tend to forget them after…
35. favorite subject Languages!
36. 3 dreams you want to fulfill? Make a documentary, buy my apartment, travel and work around the world.
37. favourite actor/actress Cate Blanchett
38. favourite comedian(s) Sarah Silverman
39. favourite sport(s)  
40. favorite memory When me and a friend traveled one summer in the south of France, Italy and Spain, it was the craziest week in my life!
41. relationship status  steadily independent.
42. favourite book(s) The unbearable lightness of being by Kundera
43. favourite song ever A te by Jovanotti
44. age you get mistaken for 27
45. how you found out about your idol  will not answer more questions about idols.
46. what my last text message says prego.
47. turn ons big hands, tall people, self secure and good language skills
48. turn offs  dirt under fingernails or biting on them, greasy hair, speaking while eating...
49. where i want to be right now on a beach in Italy
50. favourite picture of your idol what’s up with the Idols??
51. star sign Libra
52. something i’m talented at acting, languages, speaking up, getting shit done
53. 5 things that make me happy phone calls, compliments, nice words, seeing my family, achieving things in my work
54. something that’s worrying me at the moment not having enough money to do all the things I want to do this summer.
55. tumblr friends I don't have any tumblr friends yet but here's mine.
56. favourite food(s) pizza and pasta! and thai.
57. favourite animal(s) dogs
58. description of my best friend loyal, supportive and the kindest!

11 juli 2014


Last week-end Erica, Jules and I left a rainy Paris for Le Vaumin and the wedding between Rosaleen and Pierre-Francois. R met PF when the 3 of us were studying french at La Sorbonne back in 2007. What started off as a flirt 6 1/2 years ago resulted now in a wedding invitation and a wonderful week-end on the french countryside.
My partners in crime for the week-end; Erica and Jules on our way to Le Vaumin. 
Waiting for the clams by the pond. 
At the dinner table I noticed to my surprise that I was going to sit next to Jean-Baptiste Isabelhis last name was Isabel. I could not stop asking questions and apparently he had family from Spain and it is a common thing there to take first name as last names? Imagine if we were to get married...

Then we danced till late in the morning when I got set up with a young french guy by his parents (#1?!). I got his name and his home adress (#2?!) on a little note. But that's another story.