13 apr. 2010

Festivals and swedish summer

Arvika -07
Roskilde -07, mud, mud and mud!
Roskilde -07 again. It's raining during The Killers concert!
Arvika -08
I miss going on festivals! There was a time when I did it every year, I either went there as a visitor or worked. Mostly I worked. I put up a play together with friends or organized different stages. Me and my friends went to the PBS (party back stage) and danced all night long and flirted with all the artists we came over. I kind of miss it a little... Maybe not sleeping in tents and waking up hungover in a wet sleeping-bag... But the long swedish summernights, when it's bright all night, and the music and all the friends gathered at one place, happy dancing all night long... Those were the days! 

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