25 nov. 2014


Hello ! One week ago I got the honor to film the group GRAND BAIN's concert during a cold Monday evening at the very historical and mythical nightclub Le Baron. It was a very nice evening and I'm so impressed by my friends Erica and Jules' talent and drive. So much energy and power in their music. Take a listen to their new song called "Reflex". You can listen to more of their songs here. This is the second time I film and edit a concert and I can tell you it's not the easiest task, so please be indulgent when you watch ;) 

5 nov. 2014


Hello good people! How was your Halloween? Mine was pretty pleasant. My very good californian  friend Erica threw a lovely party at her place in the 20th with lots of food, nice people and a good american Halloween vibe. Then the party continued to the 18th and Natalia form Brazil’s party in Gray Gardens. I always feel a bit weird at Halloween, I’m not really the type who likes to dress out, but do it occasionally, and this was definitely a rare moment! And since it’s so rare and I think it’s a scary holiday seeing all these ghosts and skeletons with completely white eyes, I chose something quite simple; can you guess who I was incarnating? Bought a bottle of black hair-spray that I found at the very last minute, took my white fur coat out and brushed some blue on my eye-lids and voilà! Could have get more of a satisfied grin on, but I guess I wasn’t feeling very evil… 

What did you dress out as? 

4 nov. 2014


Here are 5 things I like and that cheer me up in the beginning of this first grey week of november. 

#1 Gail Albert Halaban's series of photos of Parisians in their apartments - Paris views.
It makes me so nostalgic about the parisian winter and the cold . Video here.

#2 Velvet Dust. My very good texan friend Jessica Thompson and her online webzine which I love so much. It's an online magazine that four times a year comes out with a series of photos inspired by a theme. The Velvet Dust editorial staff is before every number calling out for young and talented photographers and artists from all over the world to contribute to the final product with their work. This time the theme was Sports and the result is just amazing. Have a look here

#3 This statement from Benedict Cumberbatch. 

#4 That I this month am getting overwhelmed (and so busy) with all the visits I'm getting from friends from all over Europe (Amsterdam, Stockholm and Rome) and in three weeks I'm off to Amsterdam myself to join friends from there and Copenhagen- I could put together my own FIFA team with all these international friends. So much love compressed in one month. 

#5 This interview with Lena Dunham.

Have a good week les amis! Photos of my Halloween friday in short. Come back in a few!