15 mars 2015


Where: My friend's mother's dressingroom at the Paris Opéra Garnier. 
When: November 2012. 
Feeling: Red and cold. 

12 mars 2015



A new logo for ya' - a new city means a new blog structure! Trying out different approach. And wondering if my old followers will still follow me as I've moved to Stockholm ? 

So here we go, little recap from what's going on in here: I left Paris three months ago because I was too homesick/sick to my stomach. Six years of my life I had given Paris, and what had Paris given me back!? (rhetorical question) Not much you would say, except painful moments of heartache and severe alcohol (read. red whine) problems? Well actually, there aint much I regret of my time in the french capital. I had a dream when I was 18 and that was to live in Paris. To speak french. Not just be there for a short vacation of a couple of months, but to actually integrate. I made my dream come true. And as the years passed my dreams developed until the day the dream wasn't to live in Paris anymore. One of my oldest friends came to town in november last year, she started to talk about Stockholm and life there and to say the least it got me really excited. I hadn't been happy in Paris for a while, my closest family of friends had long gone and I felt for a very long time that this solitude I felt inside didn't have to be there.  Get me right here; I've experienced so many great and crazy things during my time in Paris, I've gotten to know so many wonderful people and gotten friends for life there. I have enough material to write a whole series based on my vie parisienne. And as cliché as this might sound I got to know who I was. Oui les amis. But who knows, maybe I'll be back soon-ish.   

It's good to be back, changer de l'air as they would have said in France, to change the air a little. I listen to new music (Swedish- there is so much I've missed), I watch a lot of movies and swedish television, catching up on the Swedish discussion of feminism, enjoy the forest on the little island on which I live, see my siblings and family as often as I can. I try to focus on me and what I need. So difficult. But hey! I've missed this blog! And so I decided to change a little. Hope you'll like. It's not a super fashion tumblr experience in here. Sorry for that. You'll have to go to pinterest/instagram/anothertumblr if you want JUST photos/inspiration. Not losing my speech. So I hope to see you soon? 

4 feb. 2015


Hello folks, 
Ok, so it's now been over 6 weeks since I left the city of lights for the capital of darkness (yes, the night fell from 3:30pm the first weeks) and here are my thoughts about the biggest differences so far. 

  • In Stockholm (or In Sweden) people are on time! I'm 3 minutes late to my class, and there's no one arriving after me. In Paris, when you arrive 10 minutes late, you can expect at least 5 more people stumbling in the nearest 10 minutes. 

  • In Paris everybody fights to get first in line, if somebody takes your place you'll let him/her know it. In Stockholm, you gently take your place, and if somebody cuts before me in line, I don't say anything. 

  • Going out!Can be a bit more expensive here. Chocked me at first, then realized it was good cause you don't drink as mush. Or do you?And what's up with the paying entrance go get in to a club? In Paris when you had to pay to get into a club it was a bad sign... Here- it's a good sign...

Well well, I guess these differences put aside I kind of like my new swedish life quite much.

Wild at Heart (David Lynch, 1990).