12 apr. 2010

Fête des chauds lapin

This is the rabbit I found at the easter-egg-hunt on Vanessa's birthdayparty a week ago... Nam nam... The theme for the party was "Chaud lapin", wich apparently means sexmachine, sort of... Well anyway I had a very nice evening! P.S. J'ai piqué la photo de Chloé puisque mon téléphone n'a pas de flash, merci! Now I'm off to la laverie, lovely monday-occupation!

2 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

I love the first pic, it`s a moment:)

xo Factory Girl

Isabel Lindström sa...

haha, tack! det var inte jag som tog det, men jag tycker hon lyckades fånga ögonblicket väldigt bra!