21 apr. 2010

Vous êtes anglaise?

Today at work:

-Vous avez un petit accent mademoiselle.
 -Oui, c'est correct- vous avez raison. 
- ...Vous êtes anglaise
- Eh non, ce petit accent viens de Suède
-Aahhhh DE SUÈDE!!! (happy face)
-Eh, oui... (huh?)
-Je croyais que vous étiez anglaise...

Apparently my accent sounds like when a british person's speaking french. Interesting I must say, after 2 courses of phonetics at La Sorbonne this is what you get out of it... 

2 kommentarer:

Ivana Humpalot sa...

You should consider yourself proud to sound British! Our empire once spanned the globe, English is the second most spoken language in the world, we gave you Shakespeare and her majesty - The Queen - and what have the Swedish ever achieved? Two hairy blokes and two bouffant women in leotards (I'm talking, of course, about ABBA). I'm off for tea, what what eh jolly hockey sticks!

Sofia sa...

haha, jag brukade få höra samma sak! visst blir man lite sur ändå?! :) engelsmän som pratar franska är ju inte så kul att lyssna på..