12 maj 2014

5 reasons to date a parisian guy

Ok so here's the thing: i got some new strange addiction to making lists so I gave myself a theme and here's the result: conclusions of why you should/should not date a parisian guy. I will have to remind you that these are my own personal experiences.

1. They know the city extremely well, and if you're lucky they might have a vespa that you can ride to discover it with...

2. They do not often dare to speak english because they're too proud a man-kind to be bad at something and putting themselves out there (even if a lot of them have very good language-skills). It gives you the opportunity to shine with (and practice) your french.

3. They will never fail to compliment you on your looks, if it's for a good and true reason I guess you can never know, you'll just have to wait and see.

4. You will discover what the french kiss really is about (for better or for worse).

5. They will act like a classic gentleman; open doors, pay for dinner and drinks, walk you home etc.

The follow up tomorrow: 5 reasons NOT to date a parisian guy...;)

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Waiting for the follow-up and the reasons NOT TO !

Amanda Louise sa...

GUD känner mig igen! Sjukt kul att hitta din blogg och få Paris tips jag inte känner till(som Blender, hehe)

Isabel Lindström sa...

Kuul att du gillar ! :) Tomorrow I'm posting "la suite"- so stay tuned!

Emelie sa...

Älskar det! Underbart skrivet!

Isabel Lindström sa...

Tack Emelie!