31 okt. 2014

Goodbye Sara!

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 Hello everybody! Been a little out of it the past week, I had a great birthday celebration on last Wednesday and on Thursday I got super-sick. So spent almost all my week-end in bed watching old movies and TWD, oh my God it's so thrilling! Anyways, here are some photos of a party I went to 2 weeks ago. A very dear friend of mine, Sara, is leaving Paris after 4 years together in this city years! She's going back to live in Sweden with her man and their adorable little son Louis. This was their goodbye-party 2 weeks ago. Going to miss you so much!<3 font="">

23 okt. 2014



Celebrated my birthday last night in the best of ways! Had apero with what it seemed like the whole population of Argentina at the food and beverage fair Sial in northern Paris. After that, the night continued with dinner at LOUP and drinks and dancing at this new place called BALLROOM! 

AND PEOPLE! This is the last day that you can vote for my blog on the GOLDEN BLOG AWARDS, so please spare me a second and click on "JE VOTE" to put your vote on Goodmorning Paris. Would make me happy. And more photos from this week-end and yesterday are coming up soon.

20 okt. 2014


Good morning everybody! Hope you all had a good week-end with a lot of rest and fun. I managed to squeeze in a little soirée on saturday. So happy to spend some time with friends and be able to meet new people! I'm on my way out right now but I just wanted to let you know that you can now vote for my blog on the Golden Blog Awards. The votes are closing on thursday so you still have another 4 days to go in 4 times and give your vote to my blog. Would be nice of you. Click on "JE VOTE".

17 okt. 2014

Thank god it's friday!

Happy week-end tout le monde!

15 okt. 2014

4 things

Bill Murray sings Bob Dylan. 

Posters of french old New Wave movies. 

Blair's Sketches on Instagram

14 okt. 2014

It's not what you look like, when you're doin' what you're doin' It's what you're doin' when you're doin' what you look like you're doin'!

Listening to Charles Wright and I only have one thing on my mind this morning and it is: Express yourself! Heading off to le 16ème now for some work related things. 
Speaking of work, I know that you're about a small-town sized group of people coming in here everyday, and I would like to get to know you guys! WHO are you? WHY do you come in here? And, most importantly, WHAT would you like to see more of? Please share with me, I would be happy to be able to get this blogie running a little faster (and better). 

13 okt. 2014

5 recurrent Parisian pick-up lines from a Swedish girl’s point of view

Ok, so I made a little list for you guys, the 5 most common things I hear the minutes after I tell a guy that I'm from Sweden. When I'm out and the situation has a flirtatious connotation. Bien sûr.

1. "Ah so you’re Swedish?! IKEEEEAAAAAAA!!!"

2. "But your french is really great!?!"
-My personal response: that's just how skilled I am baby, why so surprised?

3. "Is that your real hair color?"

4. ”Yeah, so I really love Bergman. Ingmar that is. Have you seen The Seventh Seal?”
- Dude, have you seen Breathless?

5. ”Oh but you look like this swedish actress, what’s her name? Victoria? Anita? Ingrid?! 

Does anyone have similar experiences? 

7 okt. 2014

Material Girl

So my birthday is coming up in almost exactly 2 weeks, and here are some things I've been dreaming of lately to either extend my closet or/and my mind. 
1. New perfumes! Love all Tom Fords' and would LOVE to try this one out. 
2. Lena Dunham's first book "Not that kind of girl
3. A new hat, to look fierce and cool in this already too cold fall. 
4. A little bit more of this state of mind. 
5. "How to be Parisian wherever you are" by cool and inspiring model/music-producer Caroline de Maigret and her friends Sophie Mas, Audrey Diwan and Anne Berest. 
6. A new bag where I can fit my computer. 
7. Laced boots!

3 okt. 2014


Lisa and me in my kitchen! I had just gotten so inspired by all the photos from different shows from Paris Fashionweek that I dressed in 90's inspired clothes with a black vest, white and wide shirt, fishnet tights and wavy hair! 

Boys boys boys! 
Lisa! And you can also get a glimpse of the flowers that I just bought for the window. So cute! 
Girls and boys.  

Last night I had a few friends over for drinks or l'apero as they say here. The reason? No reason necessary to get together and catching up with old a new friends!