15 mars 2015


Where: My friend's mother's dressingroom at the Paris Opéra Garnier. 
When: November 2012. 
Feeling: Red and cold. 

12 mars 2015



A new logo for ya' - a new city means a new blog structure! Trying out different approach. And wondering if my old followers will still follow me as I've moved to Stockholm ? 

So here we go, little recap from what's going on in here: I left Paris three months ago because I was too homesick/sick to my stomach. Six years of my life I had given Paris, and what had Paris given me back!? (rhetorical question) Not much you would say, except painful moments of heartache and severe alcohol (read. red whine) problems? Well actually, there aint much I regret of my time in the french capital. I had a dream when I was 18 and that was to live in Paris. To speak french. Not just be there for a short vacation of a couple of months, but to actually integrate. I made my dream come true. And as the years passed my dreams developed until the day the dream wasn't to live in Paris anymore. One of my oldest friends came to town in november last year, she started to talk about Stockholm and life there and to say the least it got me really excited. I hadn't been happy in Paris for a while, my closest family of friends had long gone and I felt for a very long time that this solitude I felt inside didn't have to be there.  Get me right here; I've experienced so many great and crazy things during my time in Paris, I've gotten to know so many wonderful people and gotten friends for life there. I have enough material to write a whole series based on my vie parisienne. And as cliché as this might sound I got to know who I was. Oui les amis. But who knows, maybe I'll be back soon-ish.   

It's good to be back, changer de l'air as they would have said in France, to change the air a little. I listen to new music (Swedish- there is so much I've missed), I watch a lot of movies and swedish television, catching up on the Swedish discussion of feminism, enjoy the forest on the little island on which I live, see my siblings and family as often as I can. I try to focus on me and what I need. So difficult. But hey! I've missed this blog! And so I decided to change a little. Hope you'll like. It's not a super fashion tumblr experience in here. Sorry for that. You'll have to go to pinterest/instagram/anothertumblr if you want JUST photos/inspiration. Not losing my speech. So I hope to see you soon? 

4 feb. 2015


Hello folks, 
Ok, so it's now been over 6 weeks since I left the city of lights for the capital of darkness (yes, the night fell from 3:30pm the first weeks) and here are my thoughts about the biggest differences so far. 

  • In Stockholm (or In Sweden) people are on time! I'm 3 minutes late to my class, and there's no one arriving after me. In Paris, when you arrive 10 minutes late, you can expect at least 5 more people stumbling in the nearest 10 minutes. 

  • In Paris everybody fights to get first in line, if somebody takes your place you'll let him/her know it. In Stockholm, you gently take your place, and if somebody cuts before me in line, I don't say anything. 

  • Going out!Can be a bit more expensive here. Chocked me at first, then realized it was good cause you don't drink as mush. Or do you?And what's up with the paying entrance go get in to a club? In Paris when you had to pay to get into a club it was a bad sign... Here- it's a good sign...

Well well, I guess these differences put aside I kind of like my new swedish life quite much.

Wild at Heart (David Lynch, 1990).

23 dec. 2014

Goodmorning Sweden / 5 reasons to leave/stay in Paris

So, good people, followers and friends! The time has come for me to tell you that I can no longer call this blog 'Goodmorning Paris' because as from last thursday I am no longer a parisienne... At least not for a couple of months. I'm taking a petit Paris break and going back to les racines. So here are my 5 reasons why staying in Paris was not one of my options anymore. 

1. 6 years in this city. It's a long time people. When you start to feeling blasé when you go out, when you meet new people, when you meet guys (sorry), you know you need a change- or just a little break? 
2. I need some simplicity for a while, in one area at least. Living in another country where you don't speak the language can be a huge challenge, and at the same time it really makes you grow as a person in so many ways. But when it comes to that point when people still asks you where your accent's from after so long time in this country, and you always have to answer the mandatory 3-5 questions before you can get to the heart of a person, and you're so tired of it, you know it's time to leave.
3. It is not possible that life can be just one long apero. This one is not that serious, but this city does offer a lot of temptations. It's all about profiter. And when you're a foreigner in a foreigner's land, never knowing when will be your last friday, saturday, sunday, monday etc. in this city, you always try and make the best of it. 
4.  Because of Sweden. I miss lösgodis, swedish winter/spring/summer, bright summer nights, my family and being a person first and foremost, not a foreigner. 
5. Because life is about evolving, learning and meeting new challenges and keeping the wheel turning. Not staying in something because it's comfortable. You might think that leaving Paris for Stockholm won't be such a big challenge for a swede, but I have a lot of unpicked bones in this country, I've never lived in this city more than 2 months, I have a few work related contacts and I don't know how long time it's gonna take before I find a job. So I'm sure it's not going to be only easy. 

5 reasons to stay in Paris 

 So these might be the reasons I might come back in the future, so none of the above will be held against me once yo've read this:
1. Because of my apartment. These extra 10m2 that I had longed for so long.It's placement. My neighborhood. How I got it. 
2. The croissants au beurre in the morning with an expresso, the ever so accessible whine sur une terasse, the pastries, the Monoprix at Ledru Rollin which I love, the never-ending nights in Le Marais, the international vibe, la perle, restaurant Chez Janou, having a history in a city, all these things are priceless.  
3. Because of les francais...
4. Because of you never know what can happen in this city. Paris is always a white sheet and you can surely write your own story in this city. 
4. Because of all the friends I've made in Paris. <3 font="">

So with that dear readers, will you follow me to Stockholm? Or was the whole idea of this blog just about Paris? 

25 nov. 2014


Hello ! One week ago I got the honor to film the group GRAND BAIN's concert during a cold Monday evening at the very historical and mythical nightclub Le Baron. It was a very nice evening and I'm so impressed by my friends Erica and Jules' talent and drive. So much energy and power in their music. Take a listen to their new song called "Reflex". You can listen to more of their songs here. This is the second time I film and edit a concert and I can tell you it's not the easiest task, so please be indulgent when you watch ;) 

5 nov. 2014


Hello good people! How was your Halloween? Mine was pretty pleasant. My very good californian  friend Erica threw a lovely party at her place in the 20th with lots of food, nice people and a good american Halloween vibe. Then the party continued to the 18th and Natalia form Brazil’s party in Gray Gardens. I always feel a bit weird at Halloween, I’m not really the type who likes to dress out, but do it occasionally, and this was definitely a rare moment! And since it’s so rare and I think it’s a scary holiday seeing all these ghosts and skeletons with completely white eyes, I chose something quite simple; can you guess who I was incarnating? Bought a bottle of black hair-spray that I found at the very last minute, took my white fur coat out and brushed some blue on my eye-lids and voilà! Could have get more of a satisfied grin on, but I guess I wasn’t feeling very evil… 

What did you dress out as? 

4 nov. 2014


Here are 5 things I like and that cheer me up in the beginning of this first grey week of november. 

#1 Gail Albert Halaban's series of photos of Parisians in their apartments - Paris views.
It makes me so nostalgic about the parisian winter and the cold . Video here.

#2 Velvet Dust. My very good texan friend Jessica Thompson and her online webzine which I love so much. It's an online magazine that four times a year comes out with a series of photos inspired by a theme. The Velvet Dust editorial staff is before every number calling out for young and talented photographers and artists from all over the world to contribute to the final product with their work. This time the theme was Sports and the result is just amazing. Have a look here

#3 This statement from Benedict Cumberbatch. 

#4 That I this month am getting overwhelmed (and so busy) with all the visits I'm getting from friends from all over Europe (Amsterdam, Stockholm and Rome) and in three weeks I'm off to Amsterdam myself to join friends from there and Copenhagen- I could put together my own FIFA team with all these international friends. So much love compressed in one month. 

#5 This interview with Lena Dunham.

Have a good week les amis! Photos of my Halloween friday in short. Come back in a few! 

31 okt. 2014

Goodbye Sara!

Sara<3 comment-3--="" nbsp="">

 Hello everybody! Been a little out of it the past week, I had a great birthday celebration on last Wednesday and on Thursday I got super-sick. So spent almost all my week-end in bed watching old movies and TWD, oh my God it's so thrilling! Anyways, here are some photos of a party I went to 2 weeks ago. A very dear friend of mine, Sara, is leaving Paris after 4 years together in this city years! She's going back to live in Sweden with her man and their adorable little son Louis. This was their goodbye-party 2 weeks ago. Going to miss you so much!<3 font="">

23 okt. 2014



Celebrated my birthday last night in the best of ways! Had apero with what it seemed like the whole population of Argentina at the food and beverage fair Sial in northern Paris. After that, the night continued with dinner at LOUP and drinks and dancing at this new place called BALLROOM! 

AND PEOPLE! This is the last day that you can vote for my blog on the GOLDEN BLOG AWARDS, so please spare me a second and click on "JE VOTE" to put your vote on Goodmorning Paris. Would make me happy. And more photos from this week-end and yesterday are coming up soon.

20 okt. 2014


Good morning everybody! Hope you all had a good week-end with a lot of rest and fun. I managed to squeeze in a little soirée on saturday. So happy to spend some time with friends and be able to meet new people! I'm on my way out right now but I just wanted to let you know that you can now vote for my blog on the Golden Blog Awards. The votes are closing on thursday so you still have another 4 days to go in 4 times and give your vote to my blog. Would be nice of you. Click on "JE VOTE".