5 nov. 2014


Hello good people! How was your Halloween? Mine was pretty pleasant. My very good californian  friend Erica threw a lovely party at her place in the 20th with lots of food, nice people and a good american Halloween vibe. Then the party continued to the 18th and Natalia form Brazil’s party in Gray Gardens. I always feel a bit weird at Halloween, I’m not really the type who likes to dress out, but do it occasionally, and this was definitely a rare moment! And since it’s so rare and I think it’s a scary holiday seeing all these ghosts and skeletons with completely white eyes, I chose something quite simple; can you guess who I was incarnating? Bought a bottle of black hair-spray that I found at the very last minute, took my white fur coat out and brushed some blue on my eye-lids and voilà! Could have get more of a satisfied grin on, but I guess I wasn’t feeling very evil… 

What did you dress out as? 

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