23 dec. 2014

Goodmorning Sweden / 5 reasons to leave/stay in Paris

So, good people, followers and friends! The time has come for me to tell you that I can no longer call this blog 'Goodmorning Paris' because as from last thursday I am no longer a parisienne... At least not for a couple of months. I'm taking a petit Paris break and going back to les racines. So here are my 5 reasons why staying in Paris was not one of my options anymore. 

1. 6 years in this city. It's a long time people. When you start to feeling blasé when you go out, when you meet new people, when you meet guys (sorry), you know you need a change- or just a little break? 
2. I need some simplicity for a while, in one area at least. Living in another country where you don't speak the language can be a huge challenge, and at the same time it really makes you grow as a person in so many ways. But when it comes to that point when people still asks you where your accent's from after so long time in this country, and you always have to answer the mandatory 3-5 questions before you can get to the heart of a person, and you're so tired of it, you know it's time to leave.
3. It is not possible that life can be just one long apero. This one is not that serious, but this city does offer a lot of temptations. It's all about profiter. And when you're a foreigner in a foreigner's land, never knowing when will be your last friday, saturday, sunday, monday etc. in this city, you always try and make the best of it. 
4.  Because of Sweden. I miss lösgodis, swedish winter/spring/summer, bright summer nights, my family and being a person first and foremost, not a foreigner. 
5. Because life is about evolving, learning and meeting new challenges and keeping the wheel turning. Not staying in something because it's comfortable. You might think that leaving Paris for Stockholm won't be such a big challenge for a swede, but I have a lot of unpicked bones in this country, I've never lived in this city more than 2 months, I have a few work related contacts and I don't know how long time it's gonna take before I find a job. So I'm sure it's not going to be only easy. 

5 reasons to stay in Paris 

 So these might be the reasons I might come back in the future, so none of the above will be held against me once yo've read this:
1. Because of my apartment. These extra 10m2 that I had longed for so long.It's placement. My neighborhood. How I got it. 
2. The croissants au beurre in the morning with an expresso, the ever so accessible whine sur une terasse, the pastries, the Monoprix at Ledru Rollin which I love, the never-ending nights in Le Marais, the international vibe, la perle, restaurant Chez Janou, having a history in a city, all these things are priceless.  
3. Because of les francais...
4. Because of you never know what can happen in this city. Paris is always a white sheet and you can surely write your own story in this city. 
4. Because of all the friends I've made in Paris. <3 font="">

So with that dear readers, will you follow me to Stockholm? Or was the whole idea of this blog just about Paris? 

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