15 maj 2014

ordinary life does not interest me

Hello everybody!
From the last post I got over 2500 visitors (?) !!! I've gotten so much good feedback and it really surprised me you were so many reading!  So thank you for coming in here and commenting! It's very interesting all these difference views. But to be clear I would like to explain a little as one of you said it's a bit harsh what I stated. Of course, it is harsh. I know. But these points are also experienced situations coming from someone who's not from this city but has been living, eating, drinking, working, studying, dating, falling in love, breaking up in Paris for over 6 years now. But ALSO someone with six years of discussing, observing, analyzing and sharing cultural views and differences in the back!     
New glasses from Monki - love 'em. 

And to assure you; I've met wonderful men in this city who are not big talkers, cheaters, liars or living at their parents' at the age of 25.  But they are rare pieces of pearls.
So with this I'm saying have a nice day and thank you for your opinions! And don't forget the interview with the parisian seduction-pro' tomorrow!  
"Ordinary life does not interest me"  quote by Anaïs Nin.

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