19 jan. 2010

Adieu le froid

Paris tomorrow. I have about 50 kilos (I can't count to how many pounds, but think two suitcases filled with as much you can and one handluggage and you have my luggage) of luggage. Luckily I have Caroline who's coming to the airport tomorrow to pick me up. Wish me luck!  And yes, I might need a place to sleep, a matress, a couch, from monday til not so long I hope, please let me know, I'll be desperate. Everything is appreciated. Hope this move will be the last one for a while, I'm so tired of it. 

Åh just det, förlåt för de mail och meddelanden jag inte har svarat på, har inte hunnit. Men gör det så fort jag får tid igen.

Bon, adieu et à bientôt

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