13 okt. 2014

5 recurrent Parisian pick-up lines from a Swedish girl’s point of view

Ok, so I made a little list for you guys, the 5 most common things I hear the minutes after I tell a guy that I'm from Sweden. When I'm out and the situation has a flirtatious connotation. Bien sûr.

1. "Ah so you’re Swedish?! IKEEEEAAAAAAA!!!"

2. "But your french is really great!?!"
-My personal response: that's just how skilled I am baby, why so surprised?

3. "Is that your real hair color?"

4. ”Yeah, so I really love Bergman. Ingmar that is. Have you seen The Seventh Seal?”
- Dude, have you seen Breathless?

5. ”Oh but you look like this swedish actress, what’s her name? Victoria? Anita? Ingrid?! 

Does anyone have similar experiences? 

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Yes, tout le monde me dit que mon accent est perfect !
What a fun article Isabel !

Isabel Lindström sa...

Merci Sélim! Mais toi tu as un accent PARFAIT je me rappelle!