7 sep. 2013

Thursdays are the new Fridays

Last Thursday I was invited by my friend Mimo to a Le Coq Sportif's BBQ on their very own rooftop!
I came straight after work cause it was Soo close, I got more crowded later on. But here a snap of the venue and some of the Parisian chimneys.
I met Paul(right) who's studying fashion in Brussels nowadays! It was a really nice surprise since I hadn't seen him for a while! Here with his friend Pablo!
Me and Mimo! Organisator of the event! Such a professional friend I've got!;)
Pablo wanted to make faces all the time.
And here I had just said a very funny thing and Paul couldn't stop laughing so I felt I had to immortalize the moment.
#sunset in Paris
here I was told to look like a model who's eating something, anything.

You can see the Eiffeltower on the left!;)

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