5 aug. 2007

Fui en Estocolmo dos vezes

Hej hej hej hej!
Hi hi hi hi! So this is a little swedish lesson for those of you who aren't...swedish? Hej=Hi, bene.

I've been cruising my way through Sweden the last week and I ended up in our swedish capital, the beautiful Stockholm. In my three days there, I've realized that I am quite interested in moving to Stockholm, not now but it's a possibility and an option instead of my one way (!?) feeling about Gothenburg. I love walking around in Sofo, taking a coffee to go and just breathe the big town air that I can't find in Karlstad. Some of you probably recognize the feeling. Anyway I had a great time in Stockholm, I went shopping on my own the first day, we went to a few museums,( Moderna Muséet was a fantastic moment with Karin Mamma Anderssons art that is as fascinating as always) , met some friends, took a few beers in Söder and took a nap in a parc. Unfortunately I wasn't able to stay for the Pride Festival's parade, I'm deeply sorry. It's on my "to do before I die-list", to attend the Pride Parade. I did although pass the HBT-café in Gamla Stan, grabbed the newspaper QX, I didn't have the time to check it out because of a surtain persons urge for "the dance and gym shop" :P I didn't bring my camera, what a miss. Next time I'll bring it. The big one. yeee.Karin Mamma Andersson, I love this one. I love all of her works.

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KYRIE sa...

Hi!! New to ur blog today. U describe Stockholm so beautifully!
I never been to Sweden but it sounds wonderful. Will check back on ur blog again. I bookmarked it!
I love reading travel stuff.