20 juli 2007


This was the third day, we were buying food at the ecological area. Feeling nice in the mud, this one's for all of you that couldn't come to Denmark, enyoing the mud, the rain, the wonderful music and the festival.

Roskilde foer i healveate!

Åh Roskilde was definitely one of the greatest thing I've done. Except the rain and the mud and all our heavy luggage that we had to carry around for more than two hours the first day,'cause we didn't find our check in. But eventually we found the media check in, and we barged in at the place all sweaty and tired, with my hair in a total mess, angry at Roskilde for not marking with signs where for the media to check in.

On saturday I went to the meeting for all the PR ambassdors from all over Europe, there where loads and loads of beers for us. We also made a little competition, between the countries. You should drink a beer each in the team(3 from each contry), and then put up a tent, as fast as you could. I don't remember the result, but Sweden was showing great spirit.

The second day our tent started to leak, we got home at 3 o'clock, with our sleepingbags all wet, all our clothes, ourpillows, and we were so wet that we went to our neighbour to sleep there. In the big 1.2 m bed, 0.5 m over the ground. Lovely, thank you Ole for showing such warm hospitality 3 o'clock in the morning.

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