22 juli 2007


Heja Arvika! Go Arvika!
Yes the Arvikafestival is still going strong, although I had a hard time to figure out its charm while standing in the mud, the litter and smelling the fantastic smell of fermented beer... But there was still some moments of gold... For example Emil Jensen with his big athletic thighs stamping the floor after his summer tour, biking his way through Sweden. His songs were the greatest, and the talk in between... enlightening.

The greatest things was still Party Back Stage as I have longed for ever since the last summer when we were dancing all night long on the dance floor made of wood. The dancfloor was still as fun as last year, but this time I fell onto the floor hurting my knee and my hip while trying to help my dear friend Fanny, since she fell before me over a bench. Sensitive (and I admit after drinking a couple of beers you don't get more hard-bitten), as I am I started to cry, not immediately, but afterwards on our way to get a plaster and cleaning. I cried all the way to the nurses house where I got the plaster for my wounds. Haha, but Fanny was on my side, and after a while I stopped crying and went on an exciting shopping tour in the festival area.

Arvikafestivalen över och ut

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