2 juni 2014

La Perle, the most flirt-friendly bar in Paris (or how to get some in this city)

The further into the night you get, the more people you will see standing on the sidewalk. 

If you’re an expat living in Paris, have a flair for the bohemian and artistic world and like the trendy nightlife this city has to offer you’ve probably heard about this bar on the crossing of Rue de la Perle/Rue Vieille du Temple in the 3d arrondissement called La Perle. Every week trendy young parisians (in Paris you’re young until you say you’re not) gather here for a glass of whine straight from the pichet and EVERYBODY is keeping their eyes wide open for their next victim de la soirée. And by victim I mean somebody to hook up with, what else? This is the place where you can be assured to get some... 
From the same group of guys who go there every week and every time you see them they’re there with a new girl (don’t know how they do it), to the nice and gentile poet in the back of the bar, sipping his drink slowly and taking notes. The swedish girls who’ve heard and read about this bar on numerous blogs and city-guides and are not afraid to talk with the straight-forward men. The always so happy group of italian guys, the graphic designer, the fashion people, the lawyers, the actors (famous and not famous) the lonely-guys and girls who will go there alone on a Sunday-evening, the beautiful waitresses who I think could be the most popular and appreciated in the neighborhood. But most of all this bar is full of men, and the best part is; they’re all yours’ ladies!

I think this is the best advice I could give my female readers if they ever want (and are in desperate need) to hook up with a guy in Paris. Go there, alone or with your girlfriends, order their 8€ delicious Spritz, make eyes to the ones you find attractive and then just wait, the guys will come crawling to you.

Otherwise, for those of you not open to a one-night-stand or looking for someone, this is also the perfect place to just hang out with your friends and start conversations with very nice, open and interesting men and women! Enjoy!  


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