19 dec. 2012

Last month

This is a little bit of what I've been up to the last couple of week. On Friday I'm going to Sweden! I'm so happy.

Raclette-evening with my theatre-group chez Julia.

Big warehouse/birthday-party in the suburbs. What you see on the left is a 1/4 of the drink table-the biggest I've seen on a private party.

Christmas/doomsday-dinner at Sofie's house.

Frida and I are getting ready to go to an event at the legendary swinger's club Les Chandelles, but this night it was nothing that got exchanged, the place was privatized by the hosts.

Concert @ Le Baron and my ex-colleague Valentin who's the singer in the band Velocity Bird.

A patisserie-tree with petits choux @ Les Chandelles.

Lisa and I at Sofie's dinner, we're trying to look royal I think.

F's courtyard.

My neighbourhood by the Canal Saint Martin. I went past this place a couple of days later when it was finished and it said something like "For gay mariage".

When we're bored in class there's a lot of blank paper that goes to drawing.

Mimo's birthday @ her place.

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