12 dec. 2009


Caroline on the french national day, also the evening we will always remeber as the evning when deux suédoises perdues rode through Paris on one Velib' from the Eiffeltower to Place de la Republique in a very important purpose.

My friend Caroline is an excellent writer, she runs the blog "Tant de belles choses" where she writes about her adventures in Paris, France, Italy, life, romance, des soirées parisiennes, about not knowing were you belong, about her favourite singers, about language... Well, anyway it's in swedish, but I've heard that some of her readers even translate what she's written into english and it's still amazing reading.  All the time before I moved to Paris the second time I used to read her blog to get inspiration. So je ne sais pas, if you have a good translatorprogram and don't speak swedish, check out her blog anyway. För er svenska Paristrånande människor så kan jag bara säga en sak - läs den!

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