18 juli 2009

My new life

For those of you who know me, know that I've been struggeling with my so called "new life" for a couple of months now. I have to tell you guys that I've done pretty good. Anyways, theese are my goals:
  • Start jogging every other day
  • Eat more healthily (hey, I'm buying fruits and vegetables every sunday at the Bastille-market for around 12 euros each time)
  • Care about to get my beauty-sleep every night (about 8-9 h)
  • MAKE LISTS (this list is a proof that I'm doing good on this item)
  • Find love ( I believe that love makes your life a bit easier, that's why I've chosen to put this as one of the goals)
  • Do abs and crunches  e v e r y night. (Done!)
  • Read a book per week (working on that one)
  • Spending less time on internet 
  • Spending less money on metro-tickets (Le metro Parisien is not as expensive as the swedish one, but still, take a bike and you're good to the nature aswell as your wallet)
  • Economize!!
  • Learn a new italian word/verb every day(... en bon chemin)
  • Read french news on websites
So, friends, and family, please remind of this list if you see me sitting and surfing online or just  doing nothing.  Merci bien.

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